Poo-preppie bag refill

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5 rolls of bag refill for poo-preppie silicon bone

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Item type: Dog Poop Bags
Material: Plastic
Style: Solid Color/Dog’s Paw Printing
Trash bag Size :22*31cm (Length x Width)

Each roll has 15 bags inside.


Pet trash bag


5pcs(random color)




48 reviews for Poo-preppie bag refill

  1. Rochelle White

    Excellent quality

    So often I have had to throw out rolls which were “defective” – no perforations, sliced, pull apart at the seam. These were perfect, and strong quality plastic. Cute too.

  2. JC

    They’re bags for picking up dog poop

    I’ve got an attachment on my dog’s leash that stores these bags. They come out of it easily, allow me to pick up her waste without getting it on me and works. If that’s what you’re looking for these are your bags.

  3. MH

    Best dog bags

    These bags are fairly easy to open, durable and you can’t see through them.

  4. Shontae

    Great Quality

    These bags are pretty sturdy and great quality for the price.

  5. Brie

    Easy to open

    These poop bags are easy to open, which is nice when you have a leashed dog or two yanking you in all directions, and you’re just standing there struggling to find the opening, hoping another dog or human being doesn’t approach your viscous weiner dog while you pick up poop.

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  6. Shawna Bretthauer

    Good for poo

    Works like they are designed to. Easily loaded into my carrying holder for the poo bags.

  7. Rachel.

    Thin but works!

    Very thin but it gets the job done. Will buy again. Great price for the amount of bags

  8. P@ndor@

    Good quality Dog’s necessity

    not bad over all product. Definitely will be buying again frpm this vendor when need more.

  9. Bekki Dailey

    Gas are a bit thin

    A little thinner than others, but still work well.

  10. Alissa

    Great price, great quality – would purchase again!

    If your a daily dog walker then you know you need poop bags!! We have a small Yorkie and even though she lets out little tootsie rolls these bags are more than good enough for us!! We’ve never ripped a bag so I’d say they are strong. We have a little bag holder on her leash and these fit perfectly into our holder for a fraction of the price at pet stores!! We will definitely purchase these again when the time comes!

  11. DivaGirl247

    Worth the money

    Works and fits in all standard poop bag holders!

  12. Mary M.

    Great value

    Love how thick these bags are. Don’t like thin bags so these are nice. Great value for the money. 1 roll lasts about a week for me (I have 2 dogs). Will definitely order again

  13. Mandy Oviatt

    Does the job

    They do the job. Honestly, just pick up your dog’s waste and dispose of it properly. Don’t be a jerk like some of my neighbors and just put it in the bag and drop that bag wherever your dog pooped. That’s stupid.

  14. A. Benjamin

    Dog poop bags – Great product and well made.

    Dog poop bags – Great product and well made.

  15. Thom228

    No splits, no surprises

    So many poop bags come apart when they are exposed to the slightest pull. These stay together and keep your hands pristine and the fecal matter securely ensconced in the bag.

  16. MastiffLover

    I’d order again

    For the cost and quantity, these bags are really good. I am a dog walker and not once has a bag broke on me. They came pre-scented too so it helps mask the poo smell. I only lost two bags because the piece of tape/sticker to keep them rolled in the box tore it trying to unravel the first bag. Aside from that, I’d get these again

  17. Sam

    Great Deal

    These bags are great. Sturdy. No stinky. I would recommend.

  18. devinci40

    Good bags.

    They are a good size for my little dog. Will order again.

  19. md

    This is a good buy. Strong bags

    The price was good the bags are strong. This is a good buy

  20. Mars

    They’re good quality

    I will definitely be purchasing these again

  21. Betsy Dawn

    Bag that poop!

    Great value for the set and we have not had any issues. They tear apart easily and are sturdy enough without being cumbersome.

  22. Alexander W.

    They are bags. Poop can go in these bags.

    In an effort to provide a realistic review, I’d like to quote from the a notary literary figure of the early 21st century:”Very nice, high five” – Borat Margaret Sagdiyev, Kazakhstani poet laureate

  23. Jose

    Good value

    They were very durable and I love the paw prints

  24. Bonnie

    Nice doggie bags.

    I needed some more doggie bags while walking my dog ,and these will definately do the work of picking up after my dog. I also like having the different colors to choose from.

  25. June N.

    I love the thickness of the bags !

    There’s nothing to dislike about these bags quality, thickness , price and the cute paw print with color choices our go to for our furbaby !

  26. DJ CJ

    Easy to tear, easy to open, wont bust thru

    Definitely sturdy. Been through four or five rolls so far, no issues with hand busting through bottom (yuck). Great price. Bought biodegradable kind last time til I realized that nothing breaks down sealed in a larger plastic bag (like the big cans that I toss it into).As far as sheerness, it’s a little sheer, but just a little, not enough to notice.As far as odor, unless you hold it up to your nose like I unintentionally did to scratch my face with hand holding bag, you can’t smell it.Will def order again

  27. Angie .G

    Good price and sturdy.

    If you have a small dog this is a perfect product. Might see if they have large ones.

  28. Kim Henderson

    Nice bags

    Good thickness, tear away from the roll with no problems, fun bright colors, smell nice. What more can I say. They are poop bags. Haahaa!

  29. Avid shopper!

    They help get the dirty job done!

    Thick enough to not tear for medium size doggie door doo.

  30. wendy chisholm

    Terrific value

    I’ve purchased many, many poo bags over the years, but have finally hit pay dirt! These are so sturdy I will continue to order them.

  31. Amy L.

    Excellent quality for the price

    I hesitated to order these poop bags because of the negative reviews that indicated the bags split, but the price was too good to pass up. I use poop bags to dispose of daily medical waste from a wound. We are recommended to double bag the waste and it was getting expensive to buy regular small trash bags. In addition the regular trash bags were too large and meant a waste of money to use one a day. So I tried these poop bags and was pleasantly surprised. The odor control scents that are in the bags help reduce any unpleasant smells and I can fit a week’s worth of bagged soiled bandaging material in one small regular trash bag. I have tried everything I can to get these bags to rip and it hasn’t happened yet. I highly recommend these dog poop bags without hesitation.

  32. Robyn shepard

    Very happy

    This is differently a good deal here in maine most stores r sold out and the ones that arent sells 4 rolls for 10.99 . Shipping was fast. very happy

  33. Maren L Norton

    Thick enough, easily opened, and do the job

    I don’t know exactly why these are better, maybe a little thicker, maybe a little stiffer, maybe easier to use, but I hope these are available the next time I need them.

  34. Brittny Merkel

    Sturdy and odor-free!

    We use these not only for dog poop pick-up, but also for dirty diapers. I like these better than others I’ve used in the past because the closed edge seems much more reliable/durable. Also, there is no weird smell to these. The length of the bag makes it easy to comfortably knot the end with a dirty diaper enclosed.

  35. Creed70


    The bags are durable. Will buy again.

  36. Michelle G.


    They do the job, and I always have a bag with me!!

  37. Cassie

    Good for scooping litter box contents into.

    These little bags are perfect for scooping my cat’s litter box now that plastic grocery bags are illegal in my state. Good product! I’m sure they work just fine for cleaning up after a dog as well. Also, very cute print on the bags! Good value.

  38. eddie p gravely III

    works as it should.

    my hand does not smell when i use them. lol

  39. William Sampson

    Great little pooper bags

    Alright, cute packaging, little paws on the bags a cute little. Cute little card to give you all the information on their company. I like companies that package nice and make things a little better quality and go the extra mile. I will buy again and hope you check them out. I’ll look up their website and see what other items they have.

  40. E-Bead

    Great bags, even for a big dog

    We foster dogs, so our needs vary from month to month. But right now we have a really big dog, and these bags do the job! Unlike low-price bags we’ve tried in the past, these are thick enough to prevent mishaps, easy to open, and big enough for our big boy. It’s very helpful that they are available in a large quantity, so we don’t run out unexpectedly, and we don’t have to constantly re-order.I’m taking their word for it about the improved biodegrading time, and hope it’s for real.

  41. lildianb


    we use these for our dogs and to clean the cat litter. perfect size for our little guys.

  42. Debra H.

    Convenient little bags.

    Cute little bags, you get a lot! There’s the value for the money with how many you get. Convenient size.

  43. Wild Cooking Woman

    The Best

    My husband, who is mostly in charge of scooping the poop, says that these are the best. I agree. I buy them regularly.

  44. Arthur Partridge

    Doggy Poop Bags works for two chihuahuas

    This box has lasted me about a year servicing two chihuahuas.

  45. Carla


    I like this brand. Have ordered many times before. This time I got some great colors!

  46. Mark Ford

    Good quality.

    These are WAY better than what I was previously using. Very thick and easy to rip off the roll.

  47. original shopoholic

    Easy to open!

    These bags are thicker which makes them easy to open.

  48. ali


    As expected, but the price is great too! I purchased because I’m dog sitting and they only gave me two bags for a week… lol. So I didn’t do a whole lot of price searching, just what I could find in a day. But now that I’ve looked- this is a deal from what I see. Quality better be good for what you’re purchasing, and all is as expected. Will buy again when I finally get my own dog.

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